The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Release of Framework Convention Alliance Annual Report 2017

The Framework Convention Alliance (FCA) Annual Report summarizes our achievements over the past twelve months, detailing several points, including: a regional outlook of our activities, a highlight of our advocacy work for tobacco control policies at the national level, and a look at FCA priorities in 2017 and going forward, to ensure a wider global implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

“When the FCTC came into effect in 2005, we knew the hard work of turning legal obligations into reality was just beginning. Despite continued tobacco industry resistance, FCA member organisations have pressed hard at the national level. While progress is uneven, we have had heartening successes in countries where very little existed before the Convention,” FCA executive director Francis Thompson said.

Download the FCA Annual Report 2017 (PDF) to learn more.

ILO Member States Should End Cooperation with Tobacco Industry and Find Alternative Funding

When the International Labour Organisation (ILO) member states gather in Geneva, at the 332nd Session of the Governing Body, this March 2018, they have a unique opportunity to finally eliminate any undue influence of the tobacco industry over child labour-related policies.

To achieve this outcome, they should vote to:

  • Stop accepting money from the tobacco industry and tobacco industry funded organisations.
  • Find alternative and additional funding to address once and for all the root causes of child labour and the conditions that keep tobacco farm workers in poverty.