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Determined activists drive tobacco control

Dr Hong Kwan Seo demonstratingDr Hong Gwan Seo’s conversion to tobacco control activist began as he puffed on a cigarette reading medical literature on the harms caused by smoking. 

“As a doctor I thought I knew the dangers, but as I read I realized smoking was crazy; it was like committing suicide slowly. So I quit.” 

Welcome new FCA board members!

Nonguebzanga Maxime Compaoré

My name is Nonguebzanga Maxime Compaoré. I’m a citizen of Norway with roots in Burkina Faso, West Africa. I am privileged to be an FCA Board member representing the EURO Region. 

Profile: Andrii Skipalskyi, Chairman of the Board, Regional Advocacy Centre LIFE, Ukraine

Andrii Skipalskyi profile 160413 WEBAndrii Skipalskyi, Regional Centre, LIFE, UkraineAndrii Skipalskyi is chairman of the board (executive director) of the Regional Advocacy Centre LIFE – a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that provides advocacy and tobacco control expertise in Ukraine and the eastern European region.

LIFE also serves as the secretariat and resource centre for the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Ukraine, a coalition of over 100 organizations, and manages a tobacco control press centre with ties to over 200 national and regional media.

Read on to find out more about Andrii's work:

Profile: J Dennis Rada, Tobacco Control Consultant, Inter American Heart Foundation Bolivia

Dennis 150pxInter American Heart Foundation Bolivia’s J Dennis Rada.
Countries in the early stages of implementing the global tobacco control treaty will have more chance of success if international and regional tobacco control communities collaborate, says J Dennis Rada of Inter American Heart Foundation-Bolivia.

Dennis says that if more collaboration happened, countries in the earlier stages could learn from others in the more advanced stages of implementing the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

“The earlier stage countries could learn best tobacco control practices and about international evidence that had been previously generated,” says Dennis. “This would lead to developing better tobacco control strategies.”

Profile - Dr Mohamed Sidi – Honorary President, Africa Against Tobacco

Sidi 150pxACONTA's Dr Mohamed SidiDuring Dr Mohamed Sidi’s 11 years working with Africa Against Tobacco (ACONTA) he’s come to believe that within 10 years countries in his region will have full control over tobacco, thanks to the help of governments and tobacco control experts.

However, Dr Sidi sees lack of funding and human resources as potential obstacles to the realisation of that scenario.