The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Member profiles

Profile: Kylie Lindorff – Cancer Council Victoria Manager, Tobacco Control Policy


Kylie Lindorff 150Cancer Council Victoria's Kylie Lindorff Kylie works for the non-profit Cancer Council Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. The council played a key role in research and advocacy leading up to the Australian government’s ground-breaking decision to introduce plain packaging.

The council works on cancer research, patient support, cancer prevention and advocacy. Read on to find out more.

Profile: Paula Johns - Chair of the FCA Board of Directors

Paula 150pxPaula Johns - FCA Board of Directors' ChairPaula Johns is the executive director, and a founder, of the Alliance for the Control of Tobacco Use (ACT), based in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is also the Chair of the FCA Board of Directors.

ACT  influenced Brazil’s recent decision to ban all flavours and additives in tobacco products throughout the country because they lure many young people into starting to smoke. This is a world first and a major breakthrough for tobacco control globally. Brazil has now adopted the strongest ban on flavours and additives in the world.

Lezak Shallat – Coordination/communications for Chile Libre de Tabaco

Lezak 150pxLezak Shallat - communications for CHLTLezak Shallat works with the FCA member organisation Chile Libre de Tabaco (CHLT) or Tobacco Free Chile, where she is responsible for communications. CHLT is based in Santiago, Chile.

Many of the people initially involved with CHLT were looking at tobacco issues in relation to community health and the absence of women’s organisations in prevention. In 2009, this group named itself Chile Libre de Tabaco and broadened its objectives to tackle policy issues at the national level.

Dr Elif Dagli - Turkish National Coalition on Tobacco or Health Chair

Dr Elif Dagli is Chair of the Turkish National Coalition on Tobacco or Health (TNCTH), which introduced the FCTC process to Turkey’s non-government organisation (NGO) community in 1999.

Since then, TNCTH has faced many challenges, as well as successes, in implementing tobacco control procedures into Turkey.

Five questions with Barbara McGaw – JCTC project manager

JCTC project manager
Barbara McGaw

Despite ratifying the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) in 2005, the Government of Jamaica continues plans to expand tobacco production and remains in breach of its treaty obligations.

Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control (JCTC) project manager Barbara McGaw says this lack of political will and apathy towards FCTC implementation is the biggest challenge to tobacco control (TC) in her country.