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101. FCA members take action for FCTC implementation in Sri Lanka
(Action Now! Country Level)
... the country of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Supported by a grant from FCA, the meeting reviewed the outcomes of the United Nations NCD Summit in September 2011. Its aim was ...
Created on 10 February 2012
102. States stress 2012 deadline for NCDs targets
(General news)
At the United Nations High-level Meeting on Non-communicable Diseases (‘NCD Summit’) last September world leaders agreed to develop targets for tackling NCDs, as well as a monitoring framework, by the ...
Created on 07 February 2012
103. FCA at the World Conference (WCTOH)
(Parties’ reporting on treaty implementation)
... Mary Assunta. FCA Director Laurent Huber will take part in a plenary session on the outcomes of the 2011 UN High-Level Meeting on Non-communicable Diseases (NCD Summit), and plans to ensure that tobacco ...
Created on 04 February 2012
104. NCDs, tobacco control and the FCTC
(Fact Sheets)
... to the four main non-communicable disease (NCD) categories, tobacco use now causes 1 in 6 of all NCD deaths. Furthermore, up to 1 in 5 deaths from tuberculosis would be avoided if TB patients did not ...
Created on 26 January 2012
105. Links
(FCTC: Action now)
Healthy Caribbean Coalition Lancet series on chronic disease NCD Action Network NCD Alliance PAHO's NCDs web page Political Declaration of the NCD Summit WHO Global Noncommunicable Disease ...
Created on 22 January 2012
106. NCD prevention and control: monitoring frameworks and targets
(FCTC: Action Now!)
The Political Declaration of the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Summit requests WHO develop a comprehensive global monitoring framework and voluntary global targets for the prevention and control of ...
Created on 19 January 2012
107. Gates promotes tobacco taxes in report to G20
(Price and Tax)
Raising tobacco prices is the most effective way to curb consumption. FCA reminded delegates at September's NCD Summit that they are losing billions of potential tobacco tax dollars. © FCA. Another ...
Created on 05 November 2011
108. FCTC: Action Now! Global agenda
(FCTC: Action now)
Tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable death globally and the one risk factor common to the major non-communicable diseases (NCDs)–cancer, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases ...
Created on 27 October 2011
109. FCTC: Action Now! Country level
(FCTC: Action now)
... home the recognition and commitments secured at the FCTC Conference of the Parties (COPs), World Health Assembly (WHA), UN General Assembly, 2011 UN Summit on NCDs, and other international fora. They will ...
Created on 27 October 2011
110. October 2011 tobacco control pictures
(General news)
... are: Brazil includes barcodes on all cigarette products produced in the country for export FCA staff and members hand out 'billion-dollar bills' at the United Nations NCD Summit in New York. Australia ...
Created on 26 October 2011
111. Encourage your government to apply for an FCTC needs assessment
(FCTC: Action Now! Advocacy Tools)
... Parties. The announcement was made shortly after the United Nations High-level Meeting on Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) in September. At the meeting world leaders agreed to accelerate the implementation ...
Created on 25 October 2011
112. FCA’s five proposals for FCTC mechanisms of assistance
(Technical and Financial Assistance)
... Diseases (NCDs) calls in unequivocal terms for the accelerated implementation of the Convention. Yet continuing challenges to the FCTC’s effective implementation – particularly lack of funding and ...
Created on 24 October 2011
113. Take Action to follow up the NCD Summit
(General news)
By FCA Director Laurent Huber Exactly one month ago, an important milestone in the global acknowledgement and response to  non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including tobacco use as one of its key ...
Created on 20 October 2011
114. European Union provides €5.2 million for tobacco control
(General news)
... adopted at the recent United Nations summit on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). “We welcome the fact that EU delegations in the countries selected for needs assessments will be closely involved in a ...
Created on 30 September 2011
115. Tobacco control's impact immediate - Lancet
(FCTC: Action Now!)
... public health best buy. A WHO report released just ahead of the NCD Summit found that tobacco control can be put in place in low and middle income countries for an investment of just US$0.11 per person ...
Created on 29 September 2011
116. NCD Summit: encouraging outcomes
(General news)
... for action on NCDs and their risk factors – many of which specified tobacco and the FCTC. Again and again we heard that NCDs are a development issue that needs a multi-sector, whole of government approach. ...
Created on 23 September 2011
117. Australia contributes A$700,000 to the FCTC
(Price and Tax)
... Minister Nicola Roxon shakes hands with Haik Nikogosian of the Framework Convention Secretariat at the UN's NCD Summit in New York on Tuesday. Watching are (left-right) FCA board member Paula Johns, FCA ...
Created on 20 September 2011
118. FCA: Global tobacco control commitment needs fast follow up
(FCTC: Action Now!)
... agreed today at the UN High-level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) commits governments to accelerated implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC),” said Laurent Huber, ...
Created on 19 September 2011
119. FCA hands out billions of tobacco tax 'dollars'
(FCTC: Action Now! Advocacy Tools)
Increasing prices of tobacco products is the single most effective way to cut consumption.FCA staff and members are handing out 'billion-dollar bills' at the United Nations NCD Summit in New York this ...
Created on 19 September 2011
120. Five questions with Barbara McGaw – JCTC project manager
(Member profiles)
... the biggest challenge to tobacco control (TC) in her country. Five questions with Barbara McGaw 1. Do you see the global campaign on tobacco control for health and development/ the NCD Summit as ...
Created on 06 September 2011