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Approve Working Group on sustainable implementation

Bulletin 122 frontThe following is from the front page of FCA's final Bulletin (#122) at COP5. The proposed Working Group was adopted in the final plenary.

The latest draft of a proposed Working Group on strengthening FCTC sustainable implementation, that was basically agreed in committee B last night, should be adopted in plenary this morning.

Implementation of the FCTC has not kept up with the magnitude of the tobacco epidemic. It has been almost eight years since the Convention entered into force, but while a number of Parties have successfully implemented elements of the FCTC , many others face several challenges when it comes to turning the Convention's text into effective tobacco control policies on the ground.

In part, this is due to a lack of awareness about the FCTC outside of health ministries, which has led to insufficient resources and capacity at the national level.

The proposal by the COP to set up this Working Group has the potential to reverse this trend. A decision at COP 5 would build on previous decisions and declarations by the COP , the UN General Assembly, the UN Economic and Social Council and the UN Ad Hoc Inter-agency Task Force on Tobacco Control, as well as the recent mandate of the UN Development Programme and the Convention Secretariat to push integration of FCTC implementation into countries' health and development plans.

The working group has great potential to help governments in their quest to achieve sustainable implementation of the FCTC. Once the Working Group is set up, it will be critical that resources are allocated for its work and to fulfil its mandate.

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