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Building on BRICS' commitment to strengthen FCTC implementation

A commitment to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) reiterated by leaders of the BRICS* countries earlier this month has the potential to help strengthen FCTC implementation.

The pledge, made in the Delhi Communiqué on 12 January, came just two months after the fifth session of the FCTC Conference of the Parties where, for the first time, a working group was established not to elaborate implementation guidelines for FCTC articles but to examine the Convention's implementation.

The BRICS could take a leading role in that endeavour by signing up for the new working group, which will focus on sustainable financing of tobacco control and international cooperation in implementing the FCTC, by the deadline of 28 February. The countries could also make their mark by contributing funding for the WG, which was not included in the budget adopted at COP5.

The WG will look at why Parties have had such difficulty in getting technical assistance and financial resources for FCTC implementation. It can be expected to make recommendations on how to unlock domestic and international support for the FCTC, including by proposing research to illustrate the links between tobacco control and sustainable development.

BRICS ministers of health met in Delhi to address emerging health threats. According to the communiqué, they "renewed their commitment to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and stressed the importance of research and study by the WHO and other stakeholders into the social and economic determinants of tobacco use and its control".

The health ministers also recognised the significant role that BRICS countries play in the global process of prevention and control of NCDs, and "renewed their commitment to strengthening international cooperation in health, in particular South-South cooperation".

* Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, People's Republic of China and Republic of South Africa

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