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INB4 - Negotiations on Illicit Trade Protocol on Tobacco Products Making Progress, but Not there Yet

Sunday, 21st March 2010, Geneva, Switzerland:

International talks in Geneva on a new treaty to fight the global problem of illicit trade in tobacco products have ended without a final agreement. But Parties did make some significant progress.

Latest research: Stakes get higher in tobacco smuggling

Sunday, June 28 2009, Geneva, Switzerland: The illicit trade in cigarettes costs governments $40.5 billion in lost revenue every year, with losses falling disproportionately on low and middle income countries, and the benefits of international action are likely to far outweigh the costs, latest research has shown.

Nations meet to give strength to global treaty to combat illicit tobacco trade

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – On October 20, government representatives will meet to negotiate a protocol which recognizes the serious threat posed to public health by the illicit trade in tobacco products – primarily through the undermining of tax policy – and the cross-border nature of illicit trade, which means that no state can effectively address the problem on its own.