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Report finds Big Tobacco slowing implementation of countries’ tobacco control plans

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Tobacco control was declared a ‘best buy’ in fighting killer diseases (NCDs) at 2011 UN Summit

SINGAPORE, March 20 – Tobacco industry influence over countries’ tobacco control plans is blocking a key tool in fighting killer diseases like cancer, says a report released Tuesday by the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA).

In September 2011, world leaders singled out tobacco control as key to tackling the skyrocketing global burden caused by non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which include cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic lung diseases and diabetes.

The FCA report, Tobacco Watch: Monitoring Countries’ Performance on the Global Treaty, documents various industry activities in numerous countries that are Parties to the first modern-day global health treaty, the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Such activities contravene measures in the Convention’s Article 5.3, and its Guidelines, on tobacco industry interference.

Successes underscore need for more action on tobacco treaty


MONTEVIDEO, Nov 15 – A new global report indicates that efforts to combat the global tobacco epidemic are lagging, in spite of strong progress in some countries. The report, Tobacco Watch: Monitoring Countries’ Performance on the Global Treaty, was released today by the Framework Convention Alliance, a coalition of over 350 nongovernmental organisations from over 100 countries.

The report focuses on a few key tobacco control measures required under the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the world’s first modern-day public health treaty. The release coincides with the Fourth Conference of the Parties to the FCTC, held in Punta del Este, Uruguay.