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FCA Campaigns: Shadow Reporting

FCTC Reporting Campaign

FCTC-reporting-campaignTo date FCA members have focused on monitoring how well Parties to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) are living up to their obligations to make the treaty effective on the ground. This is referred to as shadow reporting.

In the articles below and in the Reports section you can see FCAers’ past reports on Parties’ performance.

In 2015, FCA will change its Reporting focus. One of the FCTC’s weaknesses is that it lacks a permanent mechanism to track national implementation, a structure to ensure that Parties live up to their obligations.

Under Article 21, Parties must periodically report to the Convention Secretariat on their progress. But this process ends once the national questionnaires are submitted and published on the Convention Secretariat’s website – the detailed overviews that Parties submit are put to only limited use.

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Dutch court loss produces a win

Image: Youth Smoking Prevention FoundationA court in the Netherlands has denied a civil society suit against the government for its contacts with the tobacco industry, but the action produced a new policy that lays out rules for future interactions.

2013 AFRO shadow reports reveal tobacco industry interference

"I urge Parliament to unanimously adopt the tobacco control bill," said Mr Amadou Moustapha Gaye, Vice President of la Ligue sénégalaise contre le tabac (LISTAB), at a press conference to launch his organization’s 2013 shadow report in Senegal. 

Two days later the law was adopted. 

Lack of political will, awareness revealed in African shadow reports

The cover of the 2012 shadow report of Tanzania's implementation of the WHO FCTCA lack of political will to implement tobacco control and little awareness of existing laws among the general public are common findings of 2012 shadow reports of African governments’ performances in implementing the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

Supported by FCA, civil society organisations analysed the implementation of the FCTC, the world’s only modern-day public health treaty. Other challenges they identified include: