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FCTC Reporting Campaign

FCTC-reporting-campaignTo date FCA members have focused on monitoring how well Parties to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) are living up to their obligations to make the treaty effective on the ground. This is referred to as shadow reporting.

In the articles below and in the Reports section you can see FCAers’ past reports on Parties’ performance.

In 2015, FCA will change its Reporting focus. One of the FCTC’s weaknesses is that it lacks a permanent mechanism to track national implementation, a structure to ensure that Parties live up to their obligations.

Under Article 21, Parties must periodically report to the Convention Secretariat on their progress. But this process ends once the national questionnaires are submitted and published on the Convention Secretariat’s website – the detailed overviews that Parties submit are put to only limited use.

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Big tobacco slowing FCTC implementation

Tobacco Watch 2012 report cTobacco industry influence over countries’ tobacco control plans is blocking a key tool in fighting killer diseases like cancer, says a report released by the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA).

In September 2011, world leaders singled out tobacco control as key to tackling the skyrocketing global burden caused by non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which include cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic lung diseases and diabetes.

Benin advocates discuss Shadow Report with Minister of Justice

shadow reporting story benin 130112Tobacco advocates meet Benin's Minister of Justice. From left: Augustin Faton, Initiative for Education and Tobacco Control; Marie Elyse Gbedo, Minister of Justice; Ernest Gbaguidi, Consumer`s Association; Blandine Sintondji, Women Lawyers Association. (c) IETCIn a shining example of proactive advocacy, members of the NGO Initiative for Education and Tobacco Control met Benin's Minister of Justice and Law, Madame Marie Elyse Gbedo, on 11 January 2012 to discuss their draft shadow report.

During the ½ hour visit "we also drew the attention of the minister to the concerns of civil society on the process of revising the legislative framework on tobacco control", said Augustin Faton, president of the NGO and executive secretary of the association of civil society organisations working for tobacco control in Benin.

 After the review is final, the legislation will be sent to Parliament, said Faton.

During the meeting the Minister also related her own experiences as a civil society actor, and reassured the advocates of her support. She also pledged to take personal charge of the review of the law, according to Augustin.

The shadow report for Benin is expected to be published by 20 February 2012.

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