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COP6 message from the FCA Board


As you all know, COP6 will be held in Moscow from 13 to 18 October 2014. FCA’s outstanding advocacy efforts, excellent policy briefing documents and keen ability to support the negotiations at COP have been acclaimed by governments and WHO. We are certain that you, members of the FCA family, will help make this next COP a success for public health. 

The fight to improve tobacco control in Jamaica – never give up!

By the Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control

Jamaican school girl with a message, 2012.Eight years! That was how long it took Jamaica to adopt tobacco control regulations after ratifying the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). 

2005 was a good year for Jamaica: the FCTC was ratified, a series of progressive tax increases were levied on tobacco products, and draft tobacco control legislation was prepared. But for the next eight years there was limited progress on tobacco control in spite of the work of the Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control (JCTC) and the Ministry of Health.

How advocacy defeated the organisers of Inter-tabac ASIA

A photo petition helped Dortmund Kills to succeed.A photo petition helped Dortmund Kills to succeed.By Sonja von Eichborn,

Early in December 2013, the Dortmund Kills campaign was launched to fight the promotion of tobacco in Indonesia, a country where tobacco use is on the rise and tobacco is produced with child labour.

Lessons for the world 50 years after the US Surgeon-General’s report

FCA Director Laurent HuberBy Laurent Huber,
FCA Director

At the White House on 17 January 2014, public health officials and advocates recognized the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health. It is an anniversary that deserves consideration globally.

WHO FCTC: the challenge of implementation

By Al Munzer
Chair, Board of Trustees, Action for Smoking and Health (ASH) US

The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) was developed in response to globalisation of the tobacco epidemic, and has been widely embraced by the world community. The FCTC now includes 176 parties, representing 88.6 percent of the world’s population.

However despite much early enthusiasm, the success of the convention is threatened by failure to engage all segments of governments in tobacco control, thus preventing the implementation of proven, effective tobacco control measures, particularly an increase in taxes on tobacco products.