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Take action: support the advertising ban set for Ukraine

Cigarette brand promotion on side of carry bag in Ukraine.The Ukraine parliament is set to ban all tobacco advertising, sponsorship and promotion.

Although tobacco advertising is banned in commercial print media (business to business is allowed), outdoor areas, radio and TV; it is still allowed in all types of indirect advertising such as: promotional activities (free cigarettes distribution, tests, contests and lotteries), sponsorship events (youth concerts, discos and parties), point-of-sale advertising, online and corporate social responsibility programs.

The chairman of the tobacco control organisation Regional Advocacy Center "LIFE", Andriy Skipalskyi said the ban marks the next progressive step towards adopting comprehensive tobacco control legislation in Ukraine.   

“The Ukraine will then be able to comply with the FCTC’s Article 13 requirements,” he said.

According to Skipalskyi, the draft law reflects best European practices of banning all types of tobacco marketing: 23 European countries have banned all forms of tobacco advertising and 17 countries have banned Internet advertising.

“According to recent research in 30 developing countries and countries with transit economies, banning of all forms of advertising could decrease tobacco consumption by up to 23 per cent. Partial banning is also twice less effective,” Skipalskyi said.

He added that the total advertising ban could decrease tobacco consumption among Ukrainians by roughly 2 million people within the next few years.   

“Particularly, this draft law will positively affect young smokers and women as these groups are the main targets of all indirect tobacco product advertising,” he said.
The second hearing of the draft law is expected in the next few months, along with a vote in Parliament.

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