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Ukraine bans all tobacco advertising

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The Ukraine Government has banned all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship following changes to its tobacco control law on 16 September 2012.

Before that date, Ukraine had legislation banning tobacco advertising on radio, television, print and outdoor billboards. Since the changes, additional forms of advertising, marketing, sponsorship and promotion on the Internet and point-of-sale displays in stores and kiosks are included in the legislation.

Anyone guilty of tobacco advertising will face fines ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 UAH (2,700-4,600 Euros).

For six months leading up to the ban's implementation, non-government organisations (NGOs), including Advocacy Life Center (known as LIFE), informed owners of tobacco retailers about the upcoming ban.

LIFE, which also runs a national coalition project called Smoke Free Ukraine, conducted an information campaign to encourage the ban's implementation before it officially came into force.

As a result, most retail outlets selling tobacco products had already removed all advertising and promotional materials from their shop windows and cashier stands before the official implementation date.

Smoke Free Ukraine unites over 100 tobacco control related NGOs, and, along with LIFE, will monitor compliance with the law during the next few months in seven cities throughout the Ukraine.

To further strengthen the legislation, on 4 October 2012 the Government will also introduce mandatory pictorial health warnings that cover 50 percent of cigarettes packs; on 17 December 2012, smoking in all public and work places will be banned – including cafes, bars and restaurants.

LIFE Chairman of the Board Andriy Skipalskyi said that the tobacco control legislation has had a positive effect on people's health in the Ukraine.

"According to the 3rd WHO Global Tobacco Epidemics Report 2011, the Ukraine has moved from fourth place in 2006 to 24th – 29th place in 2011 in terms of global smoking prevalence for a country," Andriy said.

"This was also confirmed by State Statistics Department data that demonstrated a minor increase in average life expectancy for the first time since 2001. According to GATS 2010, smoking prevalence in Ukraine is about 26 percent," he added.

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