The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

World No Tobacco Day 2013

This year's theme for World No Tobacco Day 2013 (WNTD 2013) , which takes place on 31 May 2013, is: ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

A comprehensive ban of all tobacco advertising, promotion (TAPS) and sponsorship is required under Article 13 of the WHO Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) for all Parties to this treaty within five years of the entry into force of the Convention for that Party.

FCA congratulates Thailand for world's largest graphic health warnings

Thai warnings GovtThailandThe Framework Convention Alliance has congratulated the Government of Thailand for creating the world's largest graphic health warnings on cigarette packages.

The warnings will cover 85 percent of the front and back of packages when they come into effect six months after being printed in the Government's gazette (roughly in October).

"I would like to sincerely congratulate Your Excellency for your firm commitment to strengthen health warnings on cigarette packages in Thailand. The new graphic health warnings will lead the world and further protect public health," wrote FCA Director Laurent Huber to Thai Minister of Health H.E. Dr. Pradith Sinthawanarong.

Ukraine bans all tobacco advertising

Ukraine POS beforePoint-of-sale advertising removed after legislation changes (c) LIFE Ukraine POS afterUkraine point-of-sale advertising before legislation changes (c) LIFE








The Ukraine Government has banned all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship following changes to its tobacco control law on 16 September 2012.

Before that date, Ukraine had legislation banning tobacco advertising on radio, television, print and outdoor billboards. Since the changes, additional forms of advertising, marketing, sponsorship and promotion on the Internet and point-of-sale displays in stores and kiosks are included in the legislation.

South African appeal court cites FCTC

Rally COP3 SAfrica 2008A rally at the 2008 meeting of the FCTC Parties, in South Africa.South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal cited the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) in its verdict last week that upheld a ban on tobacco advertising.

'In relation to advertising, the Framework Convention imposes clear obligations on State parties .... I do not think it was open to the Minister and the legislature to ignore the Framework Convention when considering what steps to take to deal with the risks posed by tobacco use', said the judgement.

Violations of ad bans grow in Uruguay/Crece en Uruguay la violación a la prohibición de publicidad

Illegal Point of Sale advertising in Uruguay/Publicidad ilegal en los puntos de venta en Uruguay (c) CIET

Vea la versión española abajo.

A world leader in tobacco control, Uruguay is now seeing an upsurge of illegal advertising at points of sale (POS).

Under Uruguay’s tobacco control law, a POS is the only place where tobacco can be legally advertised. But the law says that advertising must be inside the POS and must be contiguous to a health warning image of the same size and visibility.

A recent forum organised by the NGO Research Centre on the Tobacco Epidemic (CIET) noted that violations of the advertising law are growing. For example, local tobacco company Montepaz had launched an aggressive campaign for its two major brands that includes – using brand elements such as colours and logos - ads outside the point of sale and in various articles of merchandise. These violate the tobacco control law.

Canada to boost package warnings – inside and out

One of the new warnings covering 75 per cent of the cigarette package. © Health Canada

The Canadian Government has approved new regulations that will increase the size of health warnings on packages of cigarettes and little cigars from 50 to 75 per cent of the back and front surfaces. 

All packages will also include full-colour, picture-based messages inside the package, making Canada the only country to require messages on the interior and exterior.

Australian graphic warnings to lead the way

Smoking emphysemaOne of Australia’s new proposed graphic health warnings. © Australian governmentThe Australian Government is taking another huge step in cutting the country’s smoking rates by releasing its proposed new graphic health warnings for tobacco products.

The new warnings are scheduled to come into effect on 1 July 2012, when the county’s plain packaging requirements are set to come into effect.

On 17 September 2011, the Australian Government released a consultation paper on the proposed new health warnings.  

Australia set for toughest tobacco promotion laws

An example of the Australian Government's proposed plain packaging (c) Australian government

Australia could soon have the toughest tobacco promotion laws in the world if its plain packaging legislation is passed.

In addition, health warnings on packs of tobacco sold in the country are set to become the world’s largest when the new legislation comes into effect, which is scheduled for January 2012.

On 2 April 2011, the Australian Government announced its proposed design and legislation for plain packaging.

Take action: support the advertising ban set for Ukraine

Cigarette brand promotion on side of carry bag in Ukraine.The Ukraine parliament is set to ban all tobacco advertising, sponsorship and promotion.

Although tobacco advertising is banned in commercial print media (business to business is allowed), outdoor areas, radio and TV; it is still allowed in all types of indirect advertising such as: promotional activities (free cigarettes distribution, tests, contests and lotteries), sponsorship events (youth concerts, discos and parties), point-of-sale advertising, online and corporate social responsibility programs.