The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Tobacco taxes up in Togo

Togo's tobacco excise tax rose five per cent in the 2012 budget.

The proposed tax for 2012 was 35 per cent, but last December parliamentarians recommended it increase by 10 per cent because of the positive health impact. After debate, a 5 per cent increase was agreed.

Advocates’ role grows as Vietnam finalises tobacco control law

The first draft of Vietnam’s tobacco control law was prepared by legal experts in the ministry of health who had little knowledge of tobacco control.

It was very weak, says Pham Thi Hoang Anh, Country Director of the Vietnam office of the non-governmental organisation (NGO) HealthBridge. For example, “the smoke-free provisions included many exemptions”, she says on a recent trip to Ottawa for the HealthBridge annual meeting.

2011 - tobacco control in pictures

During the past year FCA members have experienced some highs and lows in global tobacco control. We’ve been tracking these ups and downs throughout the year in great pictures that members have sent us. Check out some of our favourite pictures of 2011.

Maldives hikes tobacco import taxes

Maldives increased the import duty on cigarettes by 200 per cent on 1 December. The duty on other tobacco products rose 150 per cent.

The increase will be critical in reducing tobacco use and discouraging uptake of the tobacco habit among young people in the South Asian island nation, said Mr. Hassan Mohammed, Head of the Tobacco Control Unit in the Maldivian Ministry of Health.

Congratulations to Luther Terry Award winners

FCA would like to congratulate all of the winners of the Luther Terry Award, FCA members and partners alike:

Distinguished Career

Welcome new FCA Board members!

The election for the Board of Directors of the Framework Convention Alliance ended on 29 November 2011 with the election of three members.

Prof. Elif Dagli was elected to the EURO regional seat, Dr. Ulysses Dorotheo was elected to the WPRO regional seat and Melodie Tilson was elected to the At-Large seat. 

FCTC Needs Assessments in Pacific Island Countries – Palau

Participants at Palau's Fun Run, World No Tobacco Day 2011. (c) Dr Caleb Otto.

Palau recently underwent the third needs assessment (NA) in a Pacific Island country that is Party to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

Organised by the Framework Convention Secretariat (FCS) and the WHO WPRO Representative Office in Fiji, the assessment took place over three days. The first two days included discussions between FCS representatives and elected and government officials (particularly tobacco control program staff of the Ministry of Health).

Netherlands’ minister denies intensive contact with industry

Anti-smoking groups, MPs and doctors are pressuring the Netherlands’ health minister to clarify her contacts with the tobacco industry.

The pressure stems from a TV documentary called Minister for Tobacco, which features interviews with pro-smoking campaigners, tobacco industry lobbyists and emails sent by the minister Edith Schippers. This showed Schippers had ‘intensive’ contact with the tobacco industry since she became an MP in 2003.

November & December 2011 tobacco control pictures

Every month Framework Convention Alliance members work hard in the fight for global tobacco control.

Click an image below to see what our members were busy with in November and December 2011.


Ecuador leading Latin America in tobacco taxation

Young people in Ecuador release blue balloons to symbolise clean air at the launch of the Ecuador Breathes Better campaign earlier this year. (c) FES

 Ecuador has become a Latin American leader in tobacco taxation after increasing taxes on 24 November.

Increasing the price of tobacco products is recognised as the most effective way to cut consumption.

The increase is in the form of a specific tax of US$0.08 on each cigarette unit, applied to all brands and packaging, which translates to an average increase of 20 per cent in the final price.