The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

FCA calls for UN action

To further global tobacco control the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA) is calling on its members to urge their governments to support a special UN session (UNGASS) on non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

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Urge Argentina to ratify the FCTC

Argentina is one of the key South American countries that have not yet ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

Due to this, the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA) has identified Argentina as a key target for 2010. 

INB-4 ends without final agreement

The Intergovernmental Negotiating Body on a Protocol on Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products' fourth session (INB-4) ended without final agreement, but Parties did make some significant progress.

Parties agreed important provisions to control the supply chain for tobacco products, including a tracking and tracing system for cigarettes and other products as well as a licensing system for manufacturers and others involved in the tobacco trade.

FCTC fifth anniversary makes public health history

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco control (FCTC), which celebrates an important milestone in public health history.

The Framework Convention Alliance (FCA) is pleased with the FCTC’s global impact.  Already, 168 out of 195 eligible parties have joined the treaty through ratification or accession, and more are set to join.

UK’s tobacco smoking strategy targets kids

The UK’s new tobacco strategy aims to make smoking history by ensuring fewer children take up the habit.

The strategy plans to reduce smoking among 11-15 year olds from 6 per cent to less than 1 per cent by 2020, and to reduce adult smoking from 21 per cent to fewer than 10 per cent by 2020.

Paraguay increases pictorial warnings

Paraguay is aiming for pictorial warnings to cover 60 per cent of the top of cigarette packaging front and back by 2012.

According to current world rankings, this amount of coverage will bring Paraguay into second place (tied with Mauritius), after Uruguay which has 80 per cent coverage front and back.

World Cancer Day brings message of hope

This year World Cancer Day (WCD) 2010 brings a positive message that some cancer can be prevented.

Today is WCD (4 February 2010) and it aims to promote the message that around 40 per cent of cancers are potentially preventable, and that humanity has more knowledge than ever about how to control cancer.

This year to focus on lungs

This year is Year of the Lung (YOL), which aims to raise awareness about lung health among the public, initiate action in communities worldwide and advocate for resources to combat lung disease.

According to the YOL organizers, the European Respiratory Society and the Forum of International Respiratory Societies, hundreds of millions of people suffer every day from lung diseases, which cause almost 20 per cent of all deaths worldwide.

New Zealand to make tobacco history

A New Zealand not-for-profit organization is calling for the elimination of tobacco for sale by 2013.

Te Reo Marama director Shane Kawenata Bradbrook says that history can be made if tobacco is consigned to history.

“For once in political history we have an examination of the tobacco industry and its practices. It is outrageous that an industry can still profit from the dead and dying here in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and globally,” said Bradbrook. “Holding this industry to account is long overdue.”

Most smokers worldwide support workplace bans

Smokers support bans to prohibit smoking in the workplace, according to a new survey.

The international poll of nearly 5,000 people by research institute RTI International and Harris Interactive showed that nearly three-quarters of workers who smoke and 87 percent of employers support a smoke-free work environment.

Full story on Reuters’ website.