The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Nigerian Senate passes Tobacco Control Bill

The Nigerian Senate on Tuesday passed a strong Tobacco Control Bill that should change the way tobacco is consumed in the country and the manner in which the tobacco business operates.

The bill will shortly go for a “reconciliation conference” of the Senate and the House of Representatives, and then for presidential assent.

The Bill’s essential components include:
  • A  National Tobacco Control (TC) Committee to guide implementation and future TC policies;
  • A comprehensive ban of smoking in public places;
  • Clearly visible tax stamps on cigarette packs;
  • A ban on sales to minors and by minors;
  • Prohibition of the sale of cigarettes that are not packaged – but the bill doesn’t specify the number per pack;
  • A comprehensive ban on advertising, sponsorship and promotion, including by mail, testimonials, brand stretching, indirect advertising, etc;
  • Health warnings covering 50 percent of the display area of tobacco packages, with the Minister of Health empowered to prescribe pictures or pictogram;
  • Enforcement provisions to ensure that the law is effectively implemented.


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