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Lebanon adopts tobacco control law

After five years of effort, Lebanon on Wednesday adopted a tobacco control law.

The law includes a full ban on smoking in all public places, a ban on all forms of ads and sponsorships, health warnings covering 40 per cent of both sides of cigarette packages and a maximum 20 percent of hotel rooms set aside for smokers.

Activists from Indy-ACT play soccer in front of Lebanon's Parliament in 2010 to symbolise how lawmakers were 'playing games' with tobacco control legislation. (c) Indy-ACT

It also promotes joint participation of the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Interior, municipalities and civil society in order to ensure effective implementation of the law.

"After working for several years on passing this law, IndyACT, Tobacco Free Initiative and AUB tobacco control research group would like to congratulate all Lebanese for the passing of the new law," said Wael Hmaidan, executive director of IndyACT - The League of Independent Activists.

"In short, we were able to get all our demands in, including a last minute adjustment to the penalties section," he added.

The law includes fines for business owners if they fail to prevent their costumers from smoking, and for individuals who violate the ban.

Read the full IndyACT press release.

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