The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Take Action to follow up the NCD Summit

By FCA Director Laurent Huber

Exactly one month ago, an important milestone in the global acknowledgement and response to  non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including tobacco use as one of its key risk factors, was achieved by Member states adopting a Political Declaration at the UN High-level Meeting (HLM) on NCDs in New York.
While civil society around the world celebrated the outcome of the HLM, it is critical now to rigorously follow up with governments on their commitments made, particularly on tobacco control.

In order to substantially reduce NCDs, one of the key commitments made in the Declaration is to accelerate implementation of the FCTC and to encourage countries that have not yet done so to consider acceding to it.

As a (first) follow up step of the UN Summit, we encourage you to schedule a meeting within the next weeks with your tobacco control and/or NCD focal point(s) of your ministry of health to:

  • Provide and discuss  the HLM outcome and next steps, including to distribute and ensure support for the Political Declaration;
  • If applicable, hold your government accountable to their commitments made at the HLM, and
  • Discuss a plan to accelerate FCTC implementation, particularly focusing on tobacco taxation and including tobacco control into national NCD plans and development agenda.

We suggest you organise a face-to-face meeting  that would ideally include other key stakeholders such as relevant officials of other ministerial departments, WHO and UN agencies. In case such a meeting is impossible, we encourage you to either meet with or call your contacts within your ministry of health to discuss the above issues.
To schedule and prepare you for your meeting(s), we have developed several supporting materials:


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