The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Latest pictures: March - April 2012

Every month Framework Convention Alliance members work hard in the fight for global tobacco control.

View the slideshow to see what our members got up to during March and April 2012.

Highlights from this slideshow are:

  • Dutch non-profits release a report criticising tobacco control in The Netherlands.
  • Protestors in the Philippines march against a global international trade show (Protobex/Intertabac Asia 2012) that promotes tobacco.
  • The 15th World Conference on Tobacco or Health takes place in Singapore from 20-24th March 2012.
  • The Tobacco Watch 2012 report launches during the 15th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Singapore.
  • On behalf of Corporate Accountability International Colombia (CAI) Yul Dorado receives a Bloomberg Award for Tobacco Control.

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