The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Latest pictures: May - August 2012

Every month Framework Convention Alliance members work hard in the fight for global tobacco control.

View the slideshow to see what our members got up to from June to August 2012. Click the picture to read the caption.

May-August 2012 Slideshow

  • Cambodia's first smoke-free sport

    Cambodia's first smoke-free sport

  • Outsourcing addiction

    Outsourcing addiction

  • Davos_citytour


  • CHILE: smoking education

    CHILE: smoking education

  • NZ clamps down on Big Tobacco

    NZ clamps down on Big Tobacco

  • Australia's plain packaging

    Australia's plain packaging


Highlights from this slideshow are:

  • Cambodia holds its first smoke-free sporting event.
  • FCA Regional Director of the Western Pacific region Domilyn Villarreiz leads a study tour of Davao City for tobacco control advocates from Southeast Asia.
  • Al Jazeera broadcasts 'Outsourcing Addiction', which FCA Director of the Americas region, Eduardo Bianco is involved.
  • In a world first, Australia's High Court rejects a tobacco industry challenge of a new law on plain packaging of cigarettes.
  • New Zealand’s new law banning tobacco products from being publicly displayed goes into effect.
  • Tobacco Free Chile educate people about smoking outside the Calvo Mackenna Children's Hospital during a record week of children admissions for respiratory problems due to cold temperatures, smog and exposure to tobacco smoke.

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