The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Tobacco Control Successes

FCA awards an Orchid on each day of meetings of the FCTC Conference of the Parties, to praise an FCTC Party that has worked to advance negotiations. Ashtrays are awarded to Parties that obstruct proceedings.

The awards are published on the final page of FCA’s daily Bulletin, and are one of the most popular features of the paper.

This web page highlighting advances in global tobacco control is named after the Orchid award.


  • Watch a video about the impact of the Orchid and Ashtry awards here.
  • See Bulletins from all the FCTC meetings here.


Success! Ukraine bans all tobacco advertising

The Ukraine Government has banned all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship following changes to its tobacco control law on 16 September 2012. More

Togo takes giant steps in tobacco control

On 12 September the Government of Togo adopted two implementing decrees of its 2010 tobacco control law.

The first spells out regulation of tobacco points of sale; the second concerns the prohibition of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. 

Lebanon goes smoke-free

Indy act lebanon 400pxTobacco control activists protest outside Parliament in 2010. (c) IndyACTLebanon's ban on smoking in all closed public spaces went into force on Monday. It includes coffee shops, restaurants and bars, as well as banning tobacco advertisements.

Uruguay’s tobacco control strategy delivers results

ICT-report uploadUruguay’s world-leading tobacco control strategy has had positive effects on reducing tobacco’s appeal in the country, a new report by the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project (the ITC Project) has found.

The study concluded that Uruguay’s strategy has helped raise awareness about the harms of smoking; reduced misconceptions about light/mild cigarettes; reduced exposure to second-hand smoke and reduced demand for tobacco products through tax increases.

Kuwait implements pictorial warnings

The Kuwait government recently implemented pictorial warnings on cigarette boxes sold in the country.

“Adding the pictures is an important step to increase public awareness about the dangerous of smoking and the destructive effects of this habit on public health”.