The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Support FCA's work at COP5 in Seoul

By Chair of the FCA Board, Paula Johns

Dear FCA Members and Friends,

In a previous letter I discussed some of the key opportunities for FCA and its members to influence the future of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) at the upcoming Conference of the Parties (COP) in Seoul in November.

To achieve the best public health outcomes from COP5, we will require support from our members and friends to meet urgent needs, which include:

  • FCA members from low-income countries have been among the most effective advocates at all stages of FCTC negotiations. We still require funds in order to provide travel sponsorships (travel, per diem) to 10 advocates and experts from low-income countries whose presence at COP is vital. As you know, an unbalanced representation from civil society could jeopardise the outcomes of several critical issues.
  • Our members from non-English-speaking countries have requested time and again that simultaneous interpretation be available so they can actively participate in the discussions and better engage in advocacy during COPs. This has proven to be extremely effective in past negotiations. We still require funds so FCA can provide daily interpretation in French and Spanish during our meetings.

We are asking FCA member organisations, and other supporters, to provide funding or in-kind support to cover these and other needs. We have all devoted far too much work and resources to risk any setbacks at COP5 because of lack of funding.

Thanking you in advance for your ongoing support of FCA and for sharing our vision of a tobacco-free world.


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