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Cricket World Cup smoke-free

All venues of the 2011 Cricket World Cup in Bangladesh will be smoke-free thanks to the continuous tobacco control activities held in the country.

Although smoking in Bangladesh is prohibited in public places (mostly indoor), smoking is still allowed in open sports grounds.

According to Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust Project Coordinator Aminul Islam Sujon, a smoke-free Cricket World Cup is a great achievement for tobacco control.

Sujon said the Bangladesh Tamak birodhi jote (BATA) and its member organisations Prattayasha and WBB Trust, had continually operated campaigns demanding a smoke-free Cricket World Cup and smoke-free sports grounds.

“As part of these campaigns, BATA ran a letter campaign to the Bangladesh Cricket Board Chairman to make the World Cup Cricket smoke-free,”  he added.  

“The WBB Trust and Prattyasha also organised a Smoke-free Football Tournament (as part of National Victory Day) for children and adolescents where signatures supporting smoke-free cricket grounds were collected and submitted to the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s chairman.”

Bangladesh is co-hosting the cup with India and Sri Lanka, which begins in February this year.

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