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Bangladesh public transport goes smoke-free

All public transport vehicles in Bangladesh must display no-smoking signs or they will not be able to renew their licenses, the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) recently announced.

BRTA made the announcement as a follow-up to a seminar in December on the importance of smoke-free public transport.

BRTA, Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB Trust) and Bangladesh Tamak Birodhi Jote (BATA – a national tobacco control alliance) organised the event as part of their ongoing campaigns for smoke-free public transport in the country.

WBB Trust Project Coordinator Aminul Islam Sujon welcomed the announcement; however, he said it would take time to implement the law throughout all of the country’s public vehicles.

Under the law, drivers won’t be able to renew their licenses unless they display no-smoking signs, and smokers will receive a 50 taka (US$ .70) fine.

BRTA, police from the Traffic division and the Deputy Commissioner Office’s officials will work together to enforce the law.

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