The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

COP-3 fact sheet: plain packaging

Tobacco packs are designed by tobacco manufacturers to promote tobacco products and undermine the effectiveness of tobacco packaging laws, including laws mandating the display of health warnings and bans on misleading or deceptive information.

Tobacco packs are not simply containers for tobacco products. They should be regulated as the major promotional devices that they are. Tobacco products should be required to be sold in ‘plain packaging’.

Download the full fact sheet in English [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.23 MB], French [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 220.39 KB], Spanish [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 218.95 KB], Russian [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 232.36 KB], Arabic [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 322.71 KB], Chinese [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 507.21 KB].

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