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Tobacco kills more people than AIDS, other legal and illegal drugs, road accidents, murder and suicide combined[1].  Currently around five million people worldwide die each year from tobacco-related causes, including cancer, heart disease and respiratory Diseases [2] [3]. In comparison, HIV/AIDS is responsible for three million deaths each year.

Smoking declines in Ukraine


An ad for Ukraine's smoke-free lawDaily smoking prevalence has decreased for both men and women in Ukraine, according to a survey carried out in October.

Prevalence for men declined almost 3 percent (from 45% to 42%), and for women 2 percentage points (from 11 to 9%), found the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, working with “Advocacy Center LIFE”, an FCA member.

The results also show that the average maximum retail price, written on the packs of cigarettes increased from 8.95 Ukrainian Hryvnia in February 2013 to 12.21 UAH in October 2014.