The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Reporting on Treaty Implementation

FCTC COP7: Parties outline a path toward saving more lives

NEW DELHI, 12 November 2016 – Parties to the global tobacco control treaty now possess the outline of a path toward faster implementation at country level of the lifesaving measures in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control*, despite mixed results from six days of negotiations.

FCTC Parties must adopt measures for faster implementation

NEW DELHI, 4 November 2016 – One billion people – nearly the population of India – will die from tobacco use this century unless current trends change: Parties to the FCTC COP meeting in New Delhi next week can take meaningful steps to alter that forecast.

Tobacco treaty’s Parties paying up

Payment of assessments owed by Parties of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) is improving slowly, according to the latest figures released by the Framework Convention Secretariat.

The number of Parties that have never paid their assessment (known as a voluntary assessed contribution, or VAC) since the system started in 2006-7 has fallen to 22 from 27 in February this year.