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Dates, location decided for FCTC COP8
FCA staff at the 16th WCTOH
FCA's COP6 seminar on FCTC guidelines on price and tax measures
My COP6 story - Pubudu Sumanasekera
My COP6 story - Hellen Neima
Some outcomes of COP6
COP6 update: In the spotlight - tobacco industry interference in the COP
COP6 update: An increase in the excise tax does not reduce government revenue
COP6 update: Learning from key global health initiatives for the FCTC
FCA Policy Briefing for COP6: Article 6 draft guidelines
Parties should review travel support at COP6
Will COP6 be the last FCTC meeting for low-resource Parties?
FCA Backgrounder: Tracking and Tracing (Article 8): Draft protocol to eliminate illicit trade in tobacco products
Guide to FCA's COP5 documents
USA - tobacco tax success story
Ukraine - tobacco tax success story
UNITED KINGDOM - tobacco tax success story
Turkey - tobacco tax success story
SOUTH AFRICA - Tobacco tax success story
TAXATION AND PRICE - Countering Industry Claims
FCA Policy Briefing: FCTC Budget and workplan: 2014-2015
Tobacco taxes success story - Mexico
TAXATION AND PRICE - Types of taxes
Taxation and price - essential facts
Cigarette affordability
FCA Policy Briefing: Mechanisms of assistance and financial resources
FCA Policy Briefing: International cooperation for FCTC implementation
FCA Policy Briefing: Cooperation with WTO on trade-related tobacco-control issues
FCA Backgrounder: Potential partners for ITP implementation
FCA Policy Briefing: The illicit trade protocol
FCA Policy Briefing: Article 19 – holding the tobacco industry liable for its illegal acts
FCA Policy Briefing: Voluntary Assessed Contributions (VACs)
FCA Policy Briefing: Smokeless Tobacco
FCTC Travel Policy
CLOSE THE RESOURCE GAP - Fix the FCTC’s Mechanisms of Assistance
CLOSE THE RESOURCE GAP - Fix the FCTC’s Mechanisms of Assistance
Implementation of the FCTC: a collective challenge in need of a collective solution
Budget and workplan of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
COP5 Meeting resources page
FCA Policy Briefing: Adoption of additional guidelines for implementation of Articles 9 and 10
FCA Policy Briefing - Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)
FCA Policy Briefing - Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)
FCA Policy Briefing: FCTC Reporting Arrangements
FCA Policy Briefing: Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems
FCA Policy Briefing: The role of the FCTC Bureau
FCA Policy Briefing: Travel Support
FCA Policy Briefing: Article 17 and 18 draft policy options and recommendations
INB5 meeting resources page
INB and COP meeting resources
INB and COP meeting resources