The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

COP-4, Punta del este

Bulletins from The Fourth Session of the Conference of the Parties to the WHO FCTC, held in Punta del este, Uruguay, 15-20 November 2010. 


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Bulletin 110, Front page, SPANISH Bulletin 110, Front page, SPANISH

Date added: 11/22/2010
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Spanish translation of front page of Bulletin 110

Bulletin_Issue 105 Bulletin_Issue 105

Date added: 11/15/2010
Date modified: 11/17/2010
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In this issue:

A critical moment for tobacco control *Yes to INB-5 - and yes to important preparatory work *Tobacco industry uses family farmers as a front group *It’s time for all Parties to engage in Committee B *L’homme qui a bouleversé la fiscalité du tabac au Vietnam *The 350+ members of FCA poised for COP-4

Bulletin_Issue 106 Bulletin_Issue 106

Date added: 11/16/2010
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In this issue: *New Zealand,an example to follow, *Flavoured products are a public health issue, *Article 9&10 guidelines should be adopted, *La industria tabacalera ataca otra vez: ahora a Paraguay, *FCTC successes & shortcomings, *ITP working group - caution, *Waterpipes flavourings, *Gender, women and tobacco

Bulletin_Issue 107 Bulletin_Issue 107

Date added: 11/17/2010
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Inside this issue: *Turn the tables on industry, *L’Afrique: l’implication des medias dans la lutte antitabac, *Impuestos al tabaco en Venezuela, *Smoke-free map, *Health warning picture trend, *Taxation & development in SSA, *Las tabacaleras buscan frenar los avances del CMCT 7, *2025: Smoke-free NZ-Aotearoa 8, *Total ban for enclosed public

Bulletin_Issue 108 Bulletin_Issue 108

Date added: 11/18/2010
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In This Issue: *Stop the broken record, *Tabaco y pobreza en latinoamérica, *Alternatives to tobacco-Tanzania, *'Big Tobacco'manipulates farmers, *Need for Article 14 guidelines, *Tobacco & poverty in Latin America, *Public education on a limited budget, *Australian plain packaging, *Tobacco & poverty: Bangladesh, *Protocol still facing problems, *El tabaco y el derecho a la salud de las mujeres

Bulletin_Issue 109 Bulletin_Issue 109

Date added: 11/19/2010
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In This Issue: *Article 6 working group needed, *Kenya’s new graphic images, *El control del tabaco en Uruguay, *Le sevrage tabagique, *Cross-border marketing, *Seychelles leading on Articles 8 & 13, *UK No Smoking Day, *Russia’s promising Concept 7, *Article 6 would work for Ghana

LATEST: Bulletin Issue 110 LATEST: Bulletin Issue 110

Date added: 11/25/2010
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In this issue: *Health triumphs over tobacco industry, *Cambodia's slow progress in combating tobacco, *The smoke-filled room, *Malawi: tobacco versus development, *In support of family farmers in Brazil, *Gracias Uruguay, *Ukrainian media attacks draft tobacco control law