The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Fact Sheets

Combatting the Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products

This fact sheet discusses why a protocol to the WHO-FCTC is needed. 

Fact Sheet About the EU Agreements with Tobacco Manufacturers to Control the Illicit Trade in Cigarettes

The EU has signed Agreements with two tobacco manufacturers on illicit trade in cigarettes, covering both smuggled and counterfeit cigarettes, firstly in 2004 with Philip Morris International (PMI), and secondly at the end of 2007 with Japan Tobacco International (JTI).

This fact sheet was drafted by The Framework Convention Alliance to answer queries raised about the status and content of these Agreements. The answers are derived from an analysis of the content of the detailed Agreements which can be found on the web. 

How International Cooperation Can Save Lives and Billions of Dollars

This fact sheet discusses the need and cost benefits for a cooperative approach to combating illict trade of tobacco products.

How Big was the Global Illicit Tobacco Trade Problem in 2006?

This fact sheet, released in February 2008 discusses the global illicit tobacco trade in 2006.