The Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Media coverage

To be considered successful shadow reporting must stimulate change. Sometimes this change occurs via direct advocacy with government officials but often it happens indirectly. FCA-funded shadow reporting is more than producing glossy reports. Our partner NGOs incorporate a carefully-planned media campaign in each report's release to maximise its impact on policy-makers, media and the public. Each report is tailored to address a set of issues specific to each country.

While it is impossible to know the relative impact of one report, examples of political movement following the release of national shadow reports include:

  • Palau - A comprehensive tobacco control bill was finally sent to Parliament for consideration, after years of stalling;
  • Peru - Congress passed an Act making all public and workplaces 100 per cent smoke-free;
  • Ghana - After seven years of lobbying, the Minister of Health presented a national tobacco control bill to Parliament;
  • India - Legislation was passed mandating large pictorial warnings on tobacco packages;
  • Sri Lanka - 100% smoke-free public and work places legislation proposed.

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