2007 a success for FCA

10 Oct 2008

The Framework Convention Alliance (FCA) has released its 2007 Annual Report, which shows that growing membership, more support from funders and an increase in staff lead to a very successful year for tobacco control.

The report’s release arrives as Zambia becomes the latest Party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), bringing the total number of Parties to 156. This example of membership growth is just one of the many successes featured in the report. FCA membership is growing and has reached over 350 non-government organizations from more than 100 countries.

FCA director Laurent Huber said: “It is clear that civil society now occupies a position of strength in the FCTC negotiations.”

Over the years the FCA has provided rigorous policy advice and informed and assisted in the FCTC process. This has led the Parties to making critical and positive decisions that impact on the treaty’s implementation such as: the adoption of guidelines for 100 per cent smoke-free public places; and agreeing to negotiate a protocol aimed at curbing tobacco product smuggling.

Some of the many other FCA successes highlighted in the annual report are:

•    Helped obtain signatures from 168 countries, and encouraged many to ratify the treaty in record  time;
•    Assisted in the development and adoption of effective evidence based FCTC guidelines – particularly Article Eight (protection from second hand smoke);
•    Positively influenced the 2nd COP process leading to negotiations on a protocol to curb tobacco product smuggling;
•    Enhanced FCA members’ ability to influence FCTC protocols and implementation guidelines;
•    Ensured global non government organization presence at all FCTC related meetings; and
•    Provided grants to enable participants from poorer countries to attend FCTC activities.

Looking to the future, the FCA plans to implement many strategic priorities and objectives during the next three years such as:

•    Support the FCTC process;
•    Monitor and support FCTC implementation at the regional, sub regional and country levels;
•    Increase FCA organizational capacity to meet its strategic objectives; and
•    Enhance FCA revenue generation and dissemination.

Huber  said: “With an increasingly more active FCA membership, as well as a much welcomed boost in support from our funders and an increase in staffing at both the core and regional levels, we look forward in 2008 to moving ever closer to our vision of a world free from the death and disease caused by tobacco.”

More information

Download the FCA’s 2007  [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 4.14 MB]


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