2010 Annual Report

14 Apr 2013

In 2010, we marked the fifth anniversary of the FCTC, with 4 new ratifications. We also provided leadership, technical expertise and logistical support during 2010 for key FCTC negotiations and WHO meetings as well as regional working group and expert group meetings. FCA also contributed to strategic planning, policy brief writing, campaign development, and media campaigns. Prior to and during each meeting, we developed policy position papers, educational materials, and presentations that were made available to government delegates as well as NGO representatives.

Other topics covered in the FCA 2010 Annual Report
•    FCA’s role in the International Tobacco Treaty Process– the WHO FCTC
•    FCA Participation in FCTC Negotiation Sessions in 2010
•    FCA Tobacco Watch
•    Major FCA Campaigns in 2010
•    FCA Capacity Building Workshops
•    FCA Regional Coordination
•    Grants to Partners in Low Income Countries
•    FCA Website, Intranet, and Social Media
•    FCA’s Presence at Major Conferences
•    FCA 2010-2013 Strategic Review and Planning
•    FCA’s New Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Priorities

Download the report (PDF 130.67 kB)

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