2011 Annual Report

14 Apr 2013

FCA set an ambitious agenda in 2011 to advance its mission, despite many challenges. These included the lack of FCTC negotiating meetings to bring the membership together and a significant decrease in programme funding. Yet nearly all of our goals were achieved, including a few key successes. Securing adequate financial resources remains a major challenge for the Alliance.

Other topics covered in the FCA 2011 Annual Report

  • Goal 1 – strategies to support achievement of FCA’s campaigns/ advance COP4 decisions
  • Goal 2 – develop and deliver an effective Communications Strategy
  • Goal 3 – increase members’ active involvement in all stages of FCA campaigns 
  • FCA’s Strategic Priorities 2010-2013
  • Achievements
  • FCA finances
  • Our challenges ahead

Download the full FCA 2011 Annual Report


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