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25 Mar 2014

December 2013

Highlights from our December 2013 e-newsletter:  Happy holidays, comment on our website articles, watch our COP6 video, advocacy champions, campaign and news updates plus our latest global pictures.

October 2013

Highlights from our October 2013 e-newsletter:  UN General Assembly, where the tobacco epidemic was highlighted, new members, help improve our website,  the road from COP5 to COP6.

August 2013

Highlights from our August 2013 e-newsletter: Thai youth defend tobacco control, help choose FCA’s board of directors, view our latest pictures and find out more about needs assessment.

June 2013

Highlights from our June 2013 e-newsletter: World No Tobacco Day story and images, Australia contributes to the FCTC, Ireland prepares for plain packs and our director Laurent Huber writes about the World Health Assembly’s positive outcomes.

March/April 2013

Highlights from our June 2013 e-newsletter: vote for Millennium Development Goals, latest news and a profile of Andrii Skipalskyi, Chairman of the Board, Regional Advocacy Centre LIFE, Ukraine.

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