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02 Mar 2014

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FCA members from around the world work hard for global tobacco control and to end the devastating tobacco epidemic. Take a look at some of their activities in our picture slideshows for 2013.

dortmund 2013 NOv DecLatest pictures: November-December 2013
Members: from the Solomon Islands post no smoking stickers on vehicles; help expand the Tobacco Industry Monitoring Programme in Africa; from FCA attend the 9th Canadian Tobacco or Heath Conference; demonstrate against flavoured tobacco in Canada; in Bangladesh work to declare a plaza smoke free; in Germany help build pressure to stop a tobacco trade conference.

2013 sept nov Brazil flash-mobLatest pictures: September – October 2013
Members in: Thailand fight against tobacco industry interference; Brazil support the additives ban; Africa deliver FCA’s submission to the WHO Regional Meeting; Germany protest outside the Inter-Tabac trade fair in Dortmund.

2013 may august smoking killsLatest pictures: May – August 2013
Members: from India work to advance Non Communicable Disease prevention and control; from Ghana receive a WHO award; attempt the world’s largest no-smoking sign in the Philippines; in Sri Lanka push the smoke free message; in Thailand demonstrate against a law suit against new health warnings while a Japanese film wins a Dirty Ashtray award,  FCA delegates attend an FCTC implementation workshop in India and a FCA regional workshop is held in Peru.

WNTD HP sliderWorld No Tobacco Day 2013
FCA members globally mark World No Tobacco Day with many activities. They also responded to the tobacco industry’s attempt to subvert the Day’s theme: Ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

2013 march aprilLatest pictures: March-April 2013
Members in: Spain defend the country’s smoke-free law; Thailand move towards world’s largest graphic health warnings; Senegal attend FCA’s shadow report training; Japan submit a petition about smoke free legislation.

2013 Jan Feb signing SALatest pictures: January-February 2013
Members in: Bangladesh unveil a Death Clock campaign in Dhaka and run an awareness campaign during World Cancer Day; Cameroon distribute pamphlets to educate people about the dangers of smoking while FCA’s Laurent Huber meets the US Surgeon General Dr Regina Benjamin during his presentation about the FCTC to the US Interagency Committee on Smoking and Health and the Illicit Trade protocol signing gets underway.

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