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14 Mar 2015

To date FCA members have focused on monitoring how well Parties to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) are living up to their obligations to make the treaty effective on the ground. This is referred to as shadow reporting.

Our members gather data in their countries to verify legislation, as well as FCTC enforcement and compliance activities. They then use this data to produce national implementation reports.

In the articles below and in the Reports section you can see FCAers’ past reports on Parties’ performance.

New focus

In 2015, FCA will change its Reporting focus. One of the FCTC’s weaknesses is that it lacks a permanent mechanism to track national implementation, a structure to ensure that Parties live up to their obligations.

Under Article 21, Parties must periodically report to the Convention Secretariat on their progress. But this process ends once the national questionnaires are submitted and published on the Convention Secretariat’s website – the detailed overviews that Parties submit are put to only limited use.

COP decisions

At COP6 in 2014, Parties adopted two important decisions. They agreed to reduce global tobacco use prevalence by 30 percent between 2010 and 2025 and monitor progress on this target at every future COP session. In addition, an expert group was established to review FCTC’s reporting arrangements.

These two commitments combined suggest that time has come for the Convention to set up a dedicated mechanism to assess FCTC implementation in a systematic way and produce recommendations how to step up tobacco control globally.

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