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02 Nov 2011

FCAers, working group meeting 2012.

‘FCAers’ at a meeting of an FCTC working group, 2012.

The latest session of the FCTC Conference of the Parties (COP) identified a number of reasons why many Parties face challenges mobilising resources to implement the FCTC at country level.

To name a few:

It is difficult to include tobacco control in development plans: Other pressing health issues are at the front of the line;

  • International donors are often not clear on what actually needs to be done on tobacco control at country level;
  • No tools exist to estimate costs of action and inaction to implement the FCTC.

In 2015, Parties will take initial steps to put in place solutions to these challenges. FCA will monitor the commitment Parties made at COP6 to develop comprehensive tools to cost FCTC implementation and assess the economic impact of tobacco use on the disease burden and health systems, as well as other related social, environmental and economic costs.

Coordination support

We will also support work on the newly created FCTC coordination platform and on activities to develop options for the establishment of functioning national multi-sectoral coordination mechanisms for tobacco control.

Our work will include preparation of briefing papers and active participation in various inter-governmental negotiations, including the meetings of the FCTC working group on sustainable measures.

Already in 2014, FCA commissioned a report on Strategies for Accelerated Implementation of the FCTC: Lessons from Key Global Health Initiatives. We will build on the findings of this report and present further recommendations on how to put in place measures which will lead to greater political will and increased resources for FCTC implementation.

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