Act now: the FCTC must be recognised as essential to fighting NCDs

12 Jun 2014

The Political Declaration created the basis for the NCD global governance structure, and established national and global commitments. But progress since 2011 has been uneven and insufficient, as set out in the WHO Director-General’s progress report on NCDs. 

The Declaration also called for a follow-up meeting to discuss progress since the NCD Summit. That meeting will take place 10-11 July 2014 at UN headquarters in New York. 

Civil society hearing

Prior to the actual review, a civil society hearing will take place on 19 June. It will allow members of non-governmental and civil society organisations, the private sector and academia to provide input on the comprehensive review and assessment. FCA will participate in this hearing. 

FCA will also attend the review and assessment. That exercise will produce an outcomes document, and countries will be obligated to implement its recommendations. 

The zero draft of the outcomes document does not refer to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. This is unacceptable! The FCTC is the only binding legal instrument that relates to NCDs, and is an essential tool for improving global health. 

Get involved

We encourage FCA members, and all tobacco control advocates, to talk to governments ahead of the review to ensure that they act to have the outcomes document revised to include the FCTC. 

Please act quickly. Together we can ensure that tobacco control and the FCTC are highlighted in the NCD review and assessment. Our efforts can have a significant impact on the future of tobacco control.

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