FCTC: Action Now! Country level

27 Oct 2011

There are now 179 Parties to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). But applying its measures on the ground remains a challenge.

The FCA campaign, FCTC: Action Now!, is dedicated to supporting national tobacco control movements to meet this challenge by mobilising additional resources for FCTC implementation at country level.

At the country level, we are supporting FCA members as they bring home the recognition and commitments secured at the FCTC Conference of the Parties (COPs), World Health Assembly (WHA), UN General Assembly, 2011 UN Summit on NCDs, and other international fora. They will apply these to mobilise political will and additional resources, and to lever progress on national tobacco control strategies and ensure whole-of-government support for FCTC implementation.

We will support FCA members as they promote tobacco control as a national health and development priority, and an important part of governments’ commitments to develop national NCD plans. In 2015, we will continue working particularly with members in Africa and the Americas.

FCTC Needs assessments

The FCTC Secretariat (FCS) has conducted more than 30 Needs Assessments in low and middle income countries over the past few years. These assessments are designed to identify gaps in FCTC implementation, what work and resources are required to improve this, and how those resources could be acquired via international assistance.

A Needs Assessment is considered a critical first step in discussions between an FCTC Party requiring implementation assistance and possible donors.

FCA has actively supported the Needs Assessment process (see our story from Palau). In 2015, we will focus on tracking any changes that the assessments brought to individual countries and what follow-up work is being delivered by the FCS, WHO and, particularly, development partners, such as bilateral and multi-lateral development agencies.

Our members in-country will track the effectiveness of assessments as they work to secure new resources for FCTC implementation.

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