WHO action plan on NCDs promotes FCTC

15 Oct 2012

In addition to statements about the fundamental conflict between the tobacco industry and health, the Draft proposes the following actions for all WHO Member States:

  • Accelerate implementation of the WHO FCTC …
  • All States that have not yet become Party to the WHO FCTC should seriously consider whether to ratify, accept, approve, formally confirm or accede to the Convention …
  • In order to reduce tobacco use, increase attention and prioritize action to accelerate the implementation of guidelines produced by the WHO FCTC.

Civil society organisations have been invited to submit recommendations on an NCD Global Monitoring Framework by Friday 19 October.

The current proposal for the NCD Global Monitoring Framework includes a tobacco smoking target. Yet no indicator monitoring countries’ efforts to implement tobacco control measures is included in the current draft. FCA’s proposal for the future NCD monitoring framework is:

The NCD Global Monitoring Framework should reflect the commitments of the UN Political Declaration on NCDs and contain process and impact indicators on tobacco control. Development of specific indicators on implementation of policy measures contained in the WHO FCTC will allow monitoring of the High-level Meeting’s commitments to prevent and control NCDs.

Please, take a moment to submit this recommendation to the WHO by sending an email on behalf of your organization to ncdmonitoring@who.int.

For more information, see FCA’s campaign FCTC: Action Now!.

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