Article 5.3, Framework Convention on Tobacco Control – Tobacco Industry Interference

10 Mar 2012


According to the Article 5.3 Guidelines, Parties to the Convention should refuse to:

  • Treat tobacco corporations as “stakeholders” in public health policy.
  • Invest in the tobacco industry.
  • Partner with tobacco corporations to promote public health or other purposes.
  • Accept the tobacco industry’s so-called corporate social responsibility schemes which are really just marketing by another name.

 In addition, there are certain activities prohibited under the Article 5.3 Guidelines:

  • No partnerships, non-binding, or non-enforceable agreements between tobacco industry and governments.
  • No voluntary contributions by tobacco industry to governments.
  • No tobacco industry-drafted legislation or policy, or voluntary codes as substitutes for legally enforceable measures.
  • No investments by governments or public officials in tobacco industry.
  • No tobacco industry representation on government tobacco control bodies or FCTC delegations.

There are also transparency measures established under the Article 5.3 Guidelines:

  • Transparency of government interactions with the tobacco industry, through public hearings, public notice of interactions, and disclosure of records.
  • Disclosure of tobacco industry activities, including: production, manufacture, market share, revenues, marketing expenditures, philanthropy – with penalties for providing false or misleading information.
  • Disclosure or registration of tobacco industry affiliated entities, including lobbyists.
  • Disclosure of current or previous work with tobacco industry by applicants for government positions related to health policy, and of plans to work for tobacco industry by former public health officials.

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