Bulletin Issue 73 October 2008

13 Oct 2008

Bulletin Online out now

The latest issue (73) of the Bulletin Online is available for download.

In this issue Framework Convention Alliance(FCA) director Laurent Hubert outlines the global tobacco control movement’s successes and changes since the first WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control negotiations in 2000. He welcomes new FCA members, and that numbers have now reached more than 350 non government organizations in over 100 countries.


However the fight against tobacco use is far from over, and Hubert outlines what FCA members must do to continue combating the global tobacco epidemic.

This bulletin also features articles about:

  • How tobacco marketing causes smoking.
  • The upcoming INB-2 in Geneva, Switzerland,during October  20-25.
  • COP-3 in Durban, South Africa,during November 17-22.
  • How increasing tobacco smuggling harms public health in Africa.
  • The Norwegian Cancer Society fighting tobacco industry investments.
  • How tobacco companies fight legislation.
  • The Canadian government signing a smuggling agreement, and the country’s new smuggling problem.

Download the Bulletin Online [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 240.25 KB]


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