Cigarette health warnings grow

24 Nov 2010

CCS senior policy analyst Rob Cunningham says there has been tremendous progress internationally in implementing health warnings on cigarette packages.

“Our hope is that this growing momentum will assist other countries seeking to implement improved measures.”

Report highlights include:

  • Canada’s initial top ranking as first for cigarette package health warnings in 2001 dropped to eight in 2008, then fifteenth in 2010.
  • At least 39 countries/jurisdictions now have picture warning requirements, with many more countries in the process of implementing them.  At the time of the 2008 report, 25 countries had finalised picture-warning requirements.
  • Canada was once the only country to require a 50% picture size on packaging, beginning in 2001.  However, there are now 32 countries/territories that require a size of 50% or more, including 14 that are larger than 50%.
  • Uruguay now has the largest warnings in the world which cover 80% of the front and back of packages. Honduras will be implementing similar 80% warnings in August 2011.
  • Many countries that required picture warnings later than Canada (Brazil, Singapore, Thailand and Uruguay) are now on the second, third or even fourth round of picture warnings.

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