Civil society unites to boost fight against killer diseases

17 Nov 2015

  • Strengthen relationships and partnerships with our governments, relevant UN agencies and other stakeholders toward a whole-of-society response to NCDs;
  • Engage the grassroots in all NCD advocacy efforts, and amplify the voices of people living with and affected by NCDs, in particular those most vulnerable and most at risk.

Other committments, in the ‘Sharjah Declaration on NCDs’, include to:

  • Encourage high-level government authorities across all sectors to champion NCD prevention and control and integrate NCDs into national development plans and frameworks;
  • Engage civil society and people living with or affected by NCDs in policy development, implementation, coordination mechanisms and monitoring, and provide capacity-building to NCD alliances and networks, particularly in low and middle income countries;
  • Advocate for the United Nations system and other multilateral organisations to “mobilize the entire UN system to Deliver as One for NCDs, and integrate NCDs into broader human rights, health and development policies and programmes”;

*NCDs, including cancers, cardiovascular and lung disease, and diabetes, cause nearly 2/3 of global deaths today, and it is estimated that they will cost the world economy US$30 trillion by 2031. Tobacco use is the one risk factor common to the diseases listed above.

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