Congratulations Eduardo!

21 Jan 2015


Eduardo was recognised for Outstanding Individual Leadership. He is a medical doctor doing a Postgraduate in cardiology, president of the Board of Directors of The Tobacco Epidemic Research Centre in Uruguay and Chair of the World Heart Federation’s Policy and Advocacy Committee.

In 1997, Eduardo started the first Smoking Cessation Program in Uruguay’s private health care system, and in 2004 he launched the National Resources Fund´s Tobacco Dependence Treatment (TDT) Program, which soon became the basis for a National Smoking Cessation Network. He was Director of the Tobacco Control Program of the InterAmerican Heart Foundation from 2002 to 2008.

Other FCAers also received Luther Terry awards:

Jonathan Samet, MD, MS – Distinguished Career award
Smoke Free Partnership, Belgium – Outstanding Organization
Geoffrey Fong, PhD, Canada and Frank Chaloupka, PhD, US – Outstanding Research Contribution
Pattie White, UK – Outstanding Community Service.

Congratulations to all the recipients!

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