COP-4 Media briefing: Facts about tobacco flavourings

03 Nov 2010

Since mid-2010, associations claiming to represent tobacco growers around the world have distributed misleading information about the flavourings that are added to tobacco products and about draft guidelines that would “restrict or prohibit” these flavourings.

The Framework Convention Alliance (FCA) endorses the draft guidelines for implementation of Articles 9 and 10 (Regulation of the contents of tobacco products and tobacco product disclosures) and recommends that the fourth session of the COP adopt the proposed guidelines without change.

Read more by downloading the full document in:

  • English [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 162.59 KB]
  • French [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 191.74 KB]
  • Spanish [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 58.27 KB]
  • Arabic [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 252.81 KB]
  • Chinese  [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 422.48 KB]
  • Russian [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 261.35 KB]


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