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20 Oct 2012

The fifth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP5) to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) took place in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 12–17 November 2012. Delegates have a responsibility to use the meeting to advance global tobacco control and help change these trends. We created a video to remind delegates that they must work wisely! Watch the video above. This video is also available in Mandarin, French, Spanish, Russian and Korean.

Below you’ll find Bulletins, documents and articles relating to the meeting.


Gagnam Style goes Geum Yeon (No Smoking) Style

Watch the video below of Korean Association on Smoking or Health (KASH) and university students in a flash mob outside KT&G’s offices using the song ‘ Gang Nam Style’ to call attention to Big Tobacco’s interference with public health. © KASH


  • Day one: Issue 117 in English / French (pg 1 only) / Spanish (pg 1 only)
    Inside: ITGA misleads farmers & undermines COP; Death, taxes and tobacco; Interpol application for observer status raises questions; Financial Action Task force and illicit tobacco trade.
  • Day two Bulletin issue 118 in English / Spanish (pg 1 only) / French (pg 1 only)
    Inside: the road to Article 6 guidelines; European study shows illicit trade not directly related to prices; implementing packaging and labeling reforms; tobacco control – an essential component of global development; Is the Czech declaration a reservation?

  • Day three Bulletin issue 119:English / Spanish (pg 1 only) / French (pg 1 only)
    Inside: implementation working group; FCTC travel support policy; fight fire with fire; India’s tobacco tax system: simplifying tax structure; committee B considers implementation review mechanisms; and picture health warnings.

  • Day four Bulletin issue 120:English / Spanish (pg 1 only) / French (pg 1 only)
    Inside: 176 Parties to the FCTC, not 27; reducing big tobacco’s control over agriculture, cigarette affordability rises in Sri Lanka without tax policy; alternative outlook on tobacco growers’ livelihoods in Brazil; Chile tabacos genera crisis en la agricultura; let’s think about the baby girl.

  • Day five Bulletin issue 121: English / Spanish (pg 1 only) / French (pg 1 only)
    Inside: Last chance in Seoul; is codentify complying with the tracking and tracing obligations under the ITP?; tracking Illicit trade in South East Asia; comments on the TISA study on leaf economics.

  • Day six Bulletin issue 122: English / Spanish (pg 1 only) / French (pg 1 only)
    Inside: The roller-coaster ride ends well (probably); Approve the Working Group on sustainable implementation; Art 5.3: protecting against industry interference; Exposed – Industry Reps as Delegates; Paraguay y el control del tabaco: Un futuro preocupante; A ray of sunshine for use of revenues for tobacco control; Tobacco industry interference and intimidation of the Kenya delegation to COP; Debats houleux sur la couverture des frais de voyage des delegues de pays a revenus faibles et intermediares; Travel support; Thank you.


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