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23 Jun 2014

The sixth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP6) to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) takes place 13-18 October in Moscow, Russian Federation.

As always, FCA was there – take a look at what we got up to below. 

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COP6 resources

 Video: see the power of our daily Bulletin at meetings of the COP. 

FCA members describe the important role the FCA plays at COPs, especially the Orchid and Ashtray awards in the FCA Bulletin.


See our slideshow of selected photos from COP6


Media releases

Policy Papers

(Zip files)

Download a zip file of all COP6 policy documents, in English (ZIP file 8.9MB)

The order of the policy papers below follows that of the provisional agenda:


Day one: Issue 123 in English / French (pg 1 only) / Spanish (pg 1 only) / Russian (pg 1 only)
Inside: Interpol: no place at the COP; Beware the ITIC; Eurasian Economic Commission a threat; Women and tobacco; Resources & political commitment; Taxes a win-win; l’ingérence de l’ industrie; Lao PDR: low prices and lives lost. 

Day two: Issue 124 in English / French (pg 1 only) / Spanish (pg 1 only) / Russian (pg 1 only)
InsideNo one-size framework; Health warnings grow; Una herramienta eficaz; Higher taxes is win-win; 
Evolve to match Big Tobacco; Monitoring impact; FCTC in global discussion’s; Improving implementation.

Day three: Issue 125, in English/ French (pg 1 only) / Spanish (pg 1 only) / Russian (pg 1 only)
Inside: At what cost?; Travel support is an investment; Implementation review committee; Mesures durables pour renforcer; UNDP committed to Article 5.3; Controlling Big Tobacco; Industry claims about tobacco farming false; Trade in tobacco is in COP’s hands

Day four: Issue 126 in English / French (pg 1 only) / Spanish (pg 1 only) / Russia(pg 1 only)
InsideIndia’s new pictorial warnings; 1/3 of parties excluded from COP? A new tool for African gov’ts; Art 9/10: no guidelines on smoke emissions test methods; advocacy film in india; Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible

Day five: Issue 127 in English / French (pg 1 only) / Spanish (pg 1 only) / Russian (pg 1 only)
Inside: Les contributions volontaires évaulées; NGO success in Mauritius; Enjeux et pertinence d`une coopéeration judiciaire renforcée; UK`s policy for diplomats on Art 5.3; laughable call from tobacco industry; Smoking machine

Day six: Issue 128 in English / French (pg 1 only) / Spanish (pg 1 only) / Russia(pg 1 only)
Inside: FCTC: a key tool to healthy lives for all; SF law not bad for business; Tobacco industry CSR and the Red Cross; Industry Interference in Sri Lanka; Report: interference expands in Latin America; Slims sales soar; Overcoming barriers in Georgia; Progress on duty-free.

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